Saturday, January 15, 2011

Women are manipulative

Its true. Women are manipulative. That is what I learned from Beth Moore's Bible study on the Patriarchs. We are constantly trying to get things done. God promises something and we wait for a little while, but then we start to get antsy and try to hurry that promise along. Look at Sarah- her impatience with God brought about Ishmael and we all know how that turned out. Then there's Rebekah who knew that God told Isaac that Jacob would serve Esau, but she had to get all up in His business and try to force things herself. I could go on, but I won't. It was a great study for many reasons, but I really appreciate it showing me this in my own life. I have a tendency to trust God, but not His timing. I want Him to hurry things along and I start to think that He is waiting on me to do something, so I better do it, knowing the whole time it is just rationalization.

I say all that to say this: I am not going to JMG's doctor appointment on Monday. He is supposed to go to meet with the pulmonary doctor about whether or not we should treat his sarcoidosis and stay here for 6 more months or whether or not we can go ahead and leave. I have already had the entire discussion with the doctor in my head. Telling him that we really can wait to treat him. We are so close to Australia that if he has any problems then we can just go there and start treatment if need be. If it goes away on its own with most people, why don't we just wait and see if he is "most people". But...I got convicted today that all this is manipulation. We have prayed for God to send us in His time and and I will not manipulate that timing. I am just gonna be honest and tell you that I will have a hard time keeping my big mouth shut and not arguing with the doctor if he says we should treat, so I have decided that I will just not go and therefore will not be tempted. Amen.

I have also decided to make good use of this extra time here and practice some scratch cooking. I found a great website that teaches you how to make all sorts of fun things from scratch like goldfish crackers, gummi bears, fruit roll ups. Its gonna be lots of fun! Or it is going to be a big frustrating disaster. It could go either way. I will take pictures and update you on how it is going and whether or not you should try it.

****Disclaimer: this may not actually happen. I am constantly reading stuff on websites and getting excited thinking I will do these things and then losing all motivation and never doing it. It is very probable that making this stuff will never happen. Thank you for understanding.


  1. would you mind sharing the website with the "make from scratch like goldfish crackers . . . "


    Here is the link! If you make them, let me know how it goes! (Is this Jacquelyn?)