Sunday, January 9, 2011

And the Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, PATIENCE...

Patience. I need a lot of that. I am very very grateful for the outcome of my husband's biopsy. (For those of you who do not know, the biopsy results showed that he had Sarcoidosis, not cancer). And while we found out that Sarcoidosis could cause us to not be able to go to the field because it can be chronic in some cases, most of the time it doesn't cause people problems and can even go away on its own with no treatment. So, we are now waiting to find out what kind my husband has...patience.

The doctor did tell us that he thought JMG would be fine, and that he didn't see any reason why we couldn't go to PNG, especially if we could find a pulmonary doctor in Australia if a problem arose, but he wanted to wait a week until full results of the biopsy came in to discuss all our options...patience.

The doctor also told us that JMG might not even need treatment. If he does need treatment that will keep us here for another 6 months. UGH!!!! If not, then we will be able to leave in maybe 2 months, but again, we have to wait a week for the full results to come back. This is going to be the longest week of my life...patience.

So, while I am waiting, I will reflect on God's goodness and how relieved we are that JMG did not have cancer, on the new and very good information we found on Sarcoidosis and that it wasn't as bad as we thought, on the fact that the surgery went well, and there were no complications even though it was kinda risky due to the close proximity of his lungs and a major artery, on all the people who have shown us such love and support through prayer and encouraging words during this time! Thank you, Jesus for showing us Your love through Your people!

(I have also decided to reflect on the fact if we have to stay 6 more months, then I will get to see the conclusion of Harry Potter...for research purposes only of course!)

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