Saturday, January 22, 2011


I hope if you read this blog, you like suspense. I mean since I write about having significant doctor's appointments that will decide our immediate future, and then do not update for over a week. I tell myself that most of you who read this are our facebook friends or family or have contact with us in some way other, so you already know....that we really don't know anything.

JMG did go to the doctor, and the doctor did say that he needed to be treated with prednisone, BUT that he sees no reason why we can't go ahead and go. This was very exciting to us, until we talked to the doctor in PNG who felt a little nervous about us coming.

We also think that he may only be on the medicine for 4 months instead of 6, but are not totally sure. So, yeah. What are we doing, you ask? We have no idea. But I promise I will let you know as soon as we find out...or a week later.

This past week has been like when you run into someone on the street or in the mall (back when malls were indoors) and you go right, but they go right, and you go left, but they go left too, and you are stuck in this very awkward and frustrating position. So, whenever this dummy called Sarcoidosis picks a direction and gets the heck out of our way then we will be...well...on our way.

Other than that we have just been preparing for JM to take this medicine. Apparently, it is from the devil himself and causes all sorts of problems. I have not had a lot of sympathy for him, though. JM is mostly terrified about gaining weight. I mean these babies have done a number on me and I think this is a good way to make us even. For example...

People keep telling him that he will be starving all the time- I just tell him, "Well, now you will know what it is like when you are breastfeeding."

He was also told that he will retain a lot of water and bloat- "Hello! Do I even have to talk about my experiences with that?"

He has been told that he is going to gain weight no matter what- "Um, yeah, what do you think 3 kids in 4 1/2 years will do to you?"

Also mood swings- "We will not even go there."

Lack of sleep...heartburn...I could go on, but basically this medicine is going to make him feel like he is pregnant, and I have to admit, I am getting a tiny bit of satisfaction from it. And, since pregnant women love to show people what the inside of their uterus looks like with a baby in it, I thought I would share with you the inside of JMG's chest. Look at the big lymph nodes! Aren't they precious?? NOT!! Little Turds are ruining our lives!!

Anyway, I guess it really isn't the same. I mean I went through all that and got these three precious little girls. And they were worth all of it, even if they did give me all of the above issues, PLUS back problem and chin hair! I love 'em more more each day!

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