Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Supper. Yeah, I said it, and will say it again...Supper!

I made this for supper tonight. (Yes, I am southern and I say "supper". It means "dinner" or the last meal of the day...unless you are like my husband who eats a 4th meal at midnight.) It is pineapple coconut chicken and the recipe can be found here:


But, I made it with rice instead of black beans because my black beans were dry and I did not plan ahead long enough to soak and cook them. Plus, this is a "low carb" recipe and I do not believe in "low carbs". In fact, I believe in carbs,lots of them, and their ability to make my life happier and my jeans tighter. Anyway, I loved this recipe and am excited because I am pretty sure I can get pineapple and coconut in PNG! Yay!

I have been a little worried lately about cooking over there. I have a hard time with "from scratch" stuff. Also, I know ingredients will be limited. I bought some tools to help me, like the Kitchenaid and a pressure cooker, but I have never used either and I shipped them over with our stuff last month, so who knows if they will help or if they will actually be the cause of our house exploding or burning down or something. Who knows.

Anyway, just thought I would share. It is yummy if you like chicken and pineapple and coconut milk. Coconut milk is my new obsession, which is weird because I really do not like coconut that much. Go figure!

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