Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yesterday I posted about my desperate desire to know my baby's hair color. I realize now that it came across as me being terrified that she would have red hair. That is NOT the case! In fact, there is a part of me that wants her to have red hair...or blond...or purple...just something different. See these two. Yeah, the ones with the frogs on their heads. They have the EXACT same hair color. They were born with it. It fell out and came back exactly the same. Brown. There was and never has been any question. With this new little peanut. I have no idea. Sometimes it is brown looking. Sometimes red. Sometimes blond. But I NEED to know. I am her mother. What kind of mother doesn't know what color her baby's hair is?? Actually, that is dumb, I know. First of all no one asks that. People can just look for themselves and everyone knows that it can change. But a couple weeks ago I had to write it on her passport form. I had no idea what to write. I asked my husband. He had no idea what to write. I wrote RED. From that point on I have been plagued with the thought that it actually isn't red, and I wrote that on her passport application! What is this going to mean for her life? What is it going to mean for my life? When we return from the US in 4 years and I have a little blond or brunette kid and her passport says "red" they are going to think her mother is some sort of color blind dummy who doesn't know what color her kid's hair is!!! Ok, so maybe that is a little dramatic. I mean look at this picture. This is the actual passport picture. Is she gonna look anything like this in 4 years? NO. I know that. What I don't know is what color her hair is, and that bothers me!

P.S. My husband has this fascination with putting frogs on my kid's heads. I have no idea why. This might be more disturbing than not knowing what color my daughter's hair is. I know it is at least as disturbing for the frog.


  1. I know what you mean about freaking out with passport stuff. I have this fear that the people in ____ are going to take one look at my eyes and say they are not blue. (bc one of them is half brown) And then they are going to hold me in the airport jail, which is not fun in other countries.
    Also, I thought those were bows in Lu and Mae's hair. Good vision, I know.

  2. when our son was born he had dark dark brown hair, we were filling out his passport application and under hair color Jeremy put blonde! I said, "you can't write that when they look at the application and then look at him they will know he doesn't have blonde hair. (his picture he has dark brown hair) But of course now he is very blonde & jeremy says to me "see I told you"