Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shopping Part 2

Our junk is on its way! After a week of ups and downs, our 15 boxes containing all our earthly belongings are on their way to California, and then will be put on a boat to New Guinea. Our house is a lot cleaner and a lot more spacious!

We had a moment of crisis when our helper from Friends in Action called to tell us that there would not be room for our stuff on the October container. After a week of doing nothing but shopping and packing and thinking that our boxes would be taking up our entire house for 3 more months, we were devastated! After a lot of angry words, and crying we eventually responded appropriately with prayer, and found out that it was all a misunderstanding! So, we took a deep breath, ate some chocolate (and by "we" I mean "me") and all was right with the world again. Well, maybe not the world. I know that disease, famine, natural disasters, and Lady Gaga still exist, but all was right with our little world again.

I didn't pack any clothes for myself, as I planned to just pack those in my suitcase. I did however pack 75 little girls' dresses. I know because I counted them out individually and divided them into what I had owned for more than a year and then listed them on a spread sheet for customs. Yes, I did that. Now imagine doing that for socks, shoes, pants, shirts, underwear, and even ponytail holders. Oh my, the ponytail holders! Anyway, that part of my life is over now and I am moving on. (until we come back for furlough in 4 years and I have to do it all over again) So, back to me. I mentioned in a previous post that the attire for ladies is a "meri" blouse with long shorts. (this is where a person who knows how to work a blog would put a link to a previous post, so you could read it if you missed it. I am not a person who knows how to work a blog as I have also stated in a previous post that I am, again, unable to post a link to. Thank you for understanding) I plan on wearing the "meri" blouse most of the time, but need to have a few appropriate things to wear to go purchase said blouses ("blouses" sounds that right?), so I bought a few sun dresses today at Wal- mart (yay, end of season sales!) to start off my PNG wardrobe. Here I am modeling one of these outfits for all of you to enjoy at my expense! Now that you have had a good laugh, and I have had a good cry, I will share some much cuter pictures with you.

I am having lots of fun dressing up my baby.

I bet she is thinking, "Thanks for bringing me into this world, Mom. I am sorry I gave you heartburn and stretch marks. I will make it up to you by being so cute"... I am thinking, "All is forgiven". :)

These two are thinking, "Get used to it, kid. She has been dressing us up and taking our pictures since birth, and is not showing signs of stopping anytime soon"...I am thinking, "Yes, you are correct. Get over it."

P.S. Let us all take a minute and look very closely to see the tiny ponytail in Mae's hair. Progress, ladies and gentlemen. Progress.


  1. Jessi,
    You crack me up! I see a book deal coming. I love you! MOM

  2. that would be great, but who is gonna write it? it would take me 20 years to write a whole book! :)

  3. Don't complain bc as I recall it took a lot longer for Lu's hair to come in...

    I totally agree on the book deal!!