Friday, September 17, 2010

I am not a blogger

I really like The Pioneer Woman. If you haven't been to her site. Go there. Now. The end. Anyway, She recently posted tips about having a good blog. After reading it, I realized that I don't do any of those things. I don't know how to take great pictures (if you see a good pic on here JM probably took it), I have no idea how to change fonts or link to old posts, or add buttons, and am going to go ahead and admit that I have no idea how to "follow" other blogs. I have also noticed that popular blogs these days are written by super talented people who make beautiful crafts, decorate, or cook and bake delicious meals, cakes, pastries, etc. Basically super creative people. I am none of those things. I am not very creative and I cannot make anything...but these. Babies. Girl babies...and I had a little help with that.

Anyway, I say all that to say "thanks" to anyone who does read this blog that is considered terrible as far as blogs go. Becoming a "Tribal Wife" has been a stressful, crazy, fun, exciting, terrifying experience so far and it is nice to be able to just journal that experience here, and to get the love and support from those of you who do read. So, I can just call this a "journal" and not have to feel bad about my blog incapabilities. Also, I can put up pictures to show off of my kids. Since I am not creative, I have not made scrapbooks for them. I haven't even done baby books. I am a terrible mother, I know. Is there any place I can just take my pictures and things that I want in a scrapbook and someone else will put it together for me? If I tried it would seriously look like a notebook that a kindergartener takes home at the end of the year with all their scribbled pictures and backwards letters in them. (Ok, so maybe I wouldn't get the letters backwards, but the handwriting would look the same) Anyway, since I can't scrapbook, it is fun to go back to this blog and look at their pictures. I guess it is kind of a "digital scrapbook. So, I am going to go ahead and add some fun pictures from this week..

This kid loves ice cream...

And this kid scored a goal at her first soccer game

It was a great week.


  1. Jessi, I think you are a wonderful blogger. whoever thought that "blog" would ever be a word a nice southern girl would want to be associated with?! Anyway you are a great mother as far as I am concerned. In 1989 I quit work to stay home with Leigh-she was 3. I had two things I wanted to do in my spare time. Get her pictures in an album-there was no such hobby as scrapbooking back then- and get my house clean. She is now 24 and I have two albums complete which bring her up to about 5 and my house is in a mess so don't despair--there is hope? We are now planning a wedding so there is no time to scrapbook or clean--oh well maybe I can do better by my grandchildren-Life is good even without pictures or a house in order. Love!

  2. Thanks Mrs.Harriette! I cannot imagine planning a wedding! My poor girls! I hope they are good at stuff like that b/c they will get no help from me! Ha ha! Good luck with all that! I know it will be beautiful!

  3. Try - my wife uses it to send photos and things back to family in the States.

  4. I googled this the other night, and from ad revenue alone PW is estimated to make anywhere from $800,000 to $1 mil a year. Dang! I think its just awesome being able to know what God is doing in your lives and feel somehow connected.

  5. Holy Cow!! Maybe I should be a "blogger"! Ha ha!

  6. Send me your stuff and I will be happy to make you a scrapbook. And since Andrew will never let me have kids, I can take joy in cataloging yours.. :)