Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back In

Well, we are officially back in the tribe. It has been sad and hard, but we are thankful that we missed all the armed and angry family members from other villages, the wailing, and having to sit around our friend's body for days until it started to smell and we couldn't be around it anymore. 

We are trying to get back into a "normal" routine.  Yesterday my husband came down with malaria and has a huge infected scrape on his leg. Two of my daughters also have what I think is ringworm, and nothing seems to be helping it. So I am playing nurse as well as mom, teacher, cook, maid, and language learner. As crazy as it sounds, this is pretty normal for us and in all honesty it is usually better for me mentally to be busy when we are in the tribe. 

On top of all that we found out that the airstrip closest to ours was recently closed because of violence in the area. That place is full of violent aggressive people, so where do you think they will come when they need an airstrip? Here of course! We are now scurrying to try to figure out if we can somehow get that strip back open and what we can do to keep unwanted visitors out of our village. 

Right now I am just praying that the Lord will surround this place with angels and not let anyone in who intends to do harm to our people or who will try to take over and control this airstrip and village! 

If that airstrip doesn't get re-opened then our time here will be cut short for sure. And with all my heart I want to see this work completed! I want my Hewa friends who love God and treasure His Word to have as much of it as they possibly can, and for that we need time. 

My co-worker, Abby, told me how she was trying to encourage some of the women who are believers after the death of Atipz. She said, "I wanted so desperately to share some verses from Isaiah that the Lord was using to comfort my heart when I realized that they don't even have those verses in their Bible yet!"

It is heartbreaking and motivating. We are here. Ready. Willing.

  Lord help us! Give us time! Fight for us and for your Hewa children! 

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  1. Wow. That is a lot for you to take in. We are continuing to pray for you, for the families in Hewa, for YOUR family, and for the villages surrounding yours and protection for the tribe. Wow.