Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tree Kangaroo

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Anyway, a little over a week ago someone gave us a very cute baby tree kangaroo. They are cuddly little things that are also a rare endangered species. Needless to say, we felt  cool for having this exotic pet. Our girls loved him and he was a nice distraction from all the sadness around us. 

My mom googled some info for us about him and we found out all sorts of interesting facts and got to know our new pet a little better. What google did not tell her, though, was that tree kangaroos are also magical... like graduate of Hogwarts level magic abilities, people. 

My husband built him a cage out of wooden slats with each slat being only about an inch apart. Somehow our little wizard managed to squeeze his rather round body in between those slats and escaped. Or he pulled a wand out of his pouch and magically conjured his way out…not sure…but no matter how he did it. He is now gone. 

He made a very distinct noise and I heard that noise at about 3 am two nights ago, but he sounded strangely far away. I jumped out of bed grabbed a flashlight and went to check on him. Sure enough, he was not in his cage. My husband and I looked all through our garden and the jungle that is our back yard but he was no where to be seen (or heard). 

I was very worried about how I the girls would take the news as I have had to sit through multiple hysterical crying fits over dead chicks and kittens, and honestly, I was not sure how much I could handle that after the week of hysterical wailing over a real loss in this village. 

But, much to my relief, they actually took it really well since he just escaped because, "He wanted to live wild in the jungle" to quote my oldest daughter, and didn't actually die. So we made chocolate chip pancakes to cheer ourselves up and the girls spent the rest of the morning talking about all the other pets they would like to have next. They decided that there is no way a cockatoo can get out of that cage and made acquiring one the popular theme of their prayers that day. (There is a large flock of cockatoos that live in the jungle behind our house.) 

I agreed with them, although, I think I will be frisking any future pets for wands and other magic paraphernalia. 

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  1. I know it's a bit late, but the picture showed up beautifully! I haven't been getting notices of your posts so I'm a bit behind in reading. I know I should check daily or at least weekly, but I'm really lazy about that, LOL
    We think of you guys often & pray for safety & your work for the Lord there!! You guys take care.... love Sue & Eddie