Monday, July 22, 2013


Yesterday 3N1 turned 3-1. He really wanted fried chicken and mashed potatoes for his birthday dinner, and while the fried chicken was simple, the mashed potatoes were risky. 

I have to order fresh potatoes from our supply buyers in town because if I wanted to eat potatoes from a box, then I would just go back behind my house and get a handful of sawdust and mix it with milk and butter and eat that. But no. I am from the South- and Southern girls make real mashed potatoes. 

Anyway, I got potatoes on our last flight which was about a month ago, and just prayed that they would last long enough for me to grant my husband's simple birthday request. For the most part they did. I had to cut out a few gross spots, but after carefully removing only what was inedible, I had enough potato parts left over to make mashed potatoes for my husband. 

So we ate and we celebrated the fact that he was born into this world and existed in for for 31 years. And there was much rejoicing. 

We love you JMGJ! Thanks for being an incredible husband and father! 


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  1. totally, totally agree about the sawdust/potato flakes. :)