Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Our family has been crammed into tiny spaces together since we left our home in Hewa. And even though we are having lots of fun in Australia, this small space in the guesthouse is feeling smaller and smaller every day. I love my kids, but they are starting to drive me a little crazy.

But I have learned two very valuable lessons during this break. The first is that sometimes in the tribe my kids tell me they are bored. And I feel guilty. But we went to the mall, bought them each a new toy, took them to McDonalds, and then we went swimming in the pool all in one day and they still told me they were bored. So from now on I will no longer feel guilty when I hear those matter where we are.

Tomorrow I go for all my medical tests, and I have to admit that I am really looking forward to it. It might as well be a spa day for me. My husband is going to drop me off at the hospital and take the kids to do fun stuff in the city. And I am going to sit in the waiting room quietly reading my kindle and hope that they get behind an hour... or two. It is going to be wonderful. And sure I will have an appointment with this contraption instead of a masseuse, but honestly it will be worth to just get a little quiet time by myself.

So, the second very valuable lesson I have learned is that the thing I miss the most... crave the deepest since we moved into this ministry is not food, or modern conveniences. It is simple peace and quiet. Precious solitude. And it may be a very weird way to get it. But I am going to be thankful for it nonetheless.


  1. Even as a little girl you treasured solitude and could entertain yourself for hours. So glad you are getting some, though I would have preferred you had been at a spa. I love you! Mom

  2. i'm sorry you're back at the hospital, praying that all goes well. i am glad that you're getting some time away and using (our collective) ministry support to do so. anyone who thinks that getting away from ministry for a while isn't part of the ministry is kidding themselves. you're not much use if you're burned out. have fun, eat yummy food, and find some alone time. <3 nik