Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Period House

I recently read several cute little pictures on pinterest with women complaining about that special "lady time" and I thought I would share with you a little Hewa culture on the subject. I will spare you from going too in depth as I know that there are a few men who read this blog (you're welcome, Aaron Jex).

Anyway, women in general area considered "contaminating" and they have to constantly watch where they walk and make sure they never step over any person, any belongings, food, firewood, etc. But they are especially considered contaminating during "that time" and have to stay in small houses built for that purpose.

The real kicker is that childbirth is treated the same way. So, as soon as you start having contractions you are not rushed to a nice clean hospital, you run to your nearest "wano wai" and prepare for childbirth. Pictured here:

So, ladies, next time you feel grumpy and moody and like you want to kill your husband for no reason at all, just take a look at this picture and you will automatically feel better...or you will cry. But you were probably going to cry anyway, so you might as well cry at this.


  1. Wahoo! I got a shout-out! I feel complete now. :)
    - Aaron Jex

  2. Wow. I appreciate the insight into another culture, but...wow!