Friday, February 22, 2013

Pics from Previous Posts

While we were in the tribe, I wrote a few posts and sent them via email through our short wave radio. Most of them looked really weird and had no pictures, and well pictures are key to understanding this blog! So here are some pics from those posts...

From How to Save a Witch:

Susan and I with Tiko and her son, Wanapis

Tiko, her husband and son with our pilot on their way to safety in Mariama

From Christmas is Canceled:
We did end up having the "mumu" a few days later...

Burning the hair off the pigs before they are cut up and put into the ground

Cutting the meat to go into the ground

Susan with the ladies preparing the garden food

intestines are taken down to the river and washed before cooking and eating

From This Week in Hewa:

playing with the chicks before they were eaten

I promise Mae is happy, the sun was just in her eyes

Harry Potter, the chick who lived...but only for a week
From Torn:

huge pumpkin from our garden

five of my watermelons...can you find them all?

my house chicken named "Buckbeak" for obvious reasons...

From What a Week:
the bad weather we flew in last week

rain on the windshield of the helicopter


  1. I'm so glad to know they wash the intestines before they cook and eat them...ha! Thanks for letting us into your lives!

  2. Yeah, it is pretty gross. Even after washing and cooking they still smell like poop!