Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Days

Some days here are fun, exciting, even miraculous and some days you wake up with ringworm in your armpit.

Some mornings in church you love that every kid in the village (including your own) are climbing all over you and laughing and playing with you, and some days you leave nauseous because you are now covered in snot and pee.

Some days you feel like you are really bonding with the ladies here. You see all that you have in common from just being a wife, a mom, a woman. And some days you get angry over the fact that your friends can walk around topless, but you can't wear a pair of long baggy shorts.

Some days you feel like Supermom, who has fed and educated her children well, and kept her house in order, and some days you wish your kids were in "real school" just so you could spend a whole eight hours away from them.

Some weeks you feel like a genius. You feel like you are gonna kick this tribal language in its very difficult rear end and everyone is gonna be amazed at how fast you are learning, and some weeks
you forget even how to say "hello".

Some days you love the fact that your kids get to grow up in the jungle with all sorts exciting and different experiences. You are proud that they are getting to see the world and that they won't be oblivious to life outside of the wealthy West. But some days you are afraid for your kids when you are constantly treating malaria, staph infections, stomach viruses, and various other injuries in a place with very limited medical care.

Some days this feels like home, and these people feel like family, and some days you long for the home where everyone speaks your language. And you would give anything if you could hug your real family. But everyday you know that no matter what you are feeling, you are known. You are understood. And you are loved.


  1. Your last lines made me think "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." Gotta love "The Help" :) You are known, understood and loved. You are doing the things that so many of us would be uncomfortable to even think about doing. You're doing the Gospel!! Love and prayers.