Thursday, June 28, 2012


On Monday my whole family boarded a plane and flew into the middle of the jungle, only to meet a helicopter and fly even further into the jungle.

This is Chopper Mae. Do not mess with her.

Then we landed. I was glad we landed. I did not like flying in this thing.

We hung out with some people. The white lady is Susan. Everyone thought I was her sister. I took that as a very nice compliment.

We actually got a little cold. While I enjoyed feeling the cooler dryer air on my arms and face, my kids thought they were in the arctic tundra and wore jackets the entire time.

I got to hold my first little PNG baby. Most people in the Sepik (where we have spent most of our time this past year) teach their kids that white people are their dead ancestors and that we will eat them up or something like that. These people do not do that, so this precious baby girl reached her arms out to me! I held and snuggled her with great joy and did not even care if she peed on me. She didn't though, she is a lady.

I met some amazing ladies that I will hopefully get to know better...soon...

No official decision yet as we want to talk and pray about with our sending churches. I think they will be thrilled as we feel the Spirit all over this, but if they don't agree then they will have to pay the helicopter fee to go back in and retrieve my heart.

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