Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa looks a lot like 3N1

So my wonderful hubby got to play Santa at our national church here on Saturday. It was at least 100 degrees outside, and he was in FULL. SANTA. GEAR. I honestly was concerned for his life and for the kids he was handing out presents to. I mean how traumatic would it be for them if Santa passed out right in front of their eyes. "Sorry kids, Papua New Guinea is too hot for Santa, so he won't be coming back next year."

But, it actually went very well, and although my dear 3N1 came back saying that it was the hottest he'd ever been in his life, he had lots and lots of fun.

He got to ride around town in a truck...

Hand out presents to kids...

Give a message about the real meaning of Christmas (in Pidgin)...

And hold lots of cute babies...

What's not fun about all that? (except almost having a heat stroke and dying of course)
I was a little sad I missed all of it. You see I had to take the kids to the beach because I was scared that if we took them, they would give it away that Santa was their Dad.

Overall we had a very Merry Christmas here in PNG. I do wonder though, how well the story of Santa translates in this country? I mean I imagine a mom telling her kids about him and the conversation going a little something like this.

Mom: "Ok kids, there is this man who travels all over the world on Christmas night to bring you presents while you are sleeping. He flies in a big red sleigh pulled by reindeer."
Kids: "Mom, what is a sleigh."
Mom:"Well, it is a thing that you ride on in snow."
Kids: "Mom, what is snow?"
Mom: "Forget it!!"

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