Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Day

I have not been a very good blogger lately. Sorry bout that. I have been studying the heck out of some Tok Pisin. My goal when we came out of the bush was to be done by Christmas and today I took my last test and PASSED! YAY!

It is really funny the things they have you say during these language evaluations. You'd think they would ask you all about saksak and fishing and jungley stuff, but no, they get you to talk about stuff in America that is weird and you really know nothing about. And if the people understand what you are talking about then they know you know Pidgin well enough to communicate. It is stressful and fun all at the same time.

Well, this means that, technically, we can go to the bush now... but first we have to find a place in the bush to go...

Most of the places that have been surveyed (meaning people from NTM visited and the people said, "yes, please, come") have some complications, so right now there is only 1 place in all of PNG for a new team to go to.

So, while we are waiting for our teammates to finish Pidgin and one to get here (hey, Candace! we love you and can't wait to see you soon!!) 3N1 is going to work in People Group Assessment. These are the guys who go out and hike through the jungle looking for "people groups" who need the Gospel. He is pretty pumped about it. I am pretty pumped about it too, because he will get to look at all the places and bring me back pictures.

So, what I am I going to be doing? Well, I imagine I will still have to spend about 90% of my time in my kitchen...and homeschooling my kids... and taking laundry on and off the line in between rains. But in all my "free time" I plan to take naps, watch The Office and play lots of Tetris. It is gonna be really fun. Just kidding. I actually still have to keep working on Pidgin. The last test just means that you don't have to takes anymore tests, but you still have to keep learning and practicing.

But these next few days, we are going to take some time and just have a nice Christmas with our little family...although the pastor at our church asked 3N1 to dress up like Santa Claus and give out presents at church on Saturday. He reluctantly agreed. It will be totally fun to see all the kids get excited about Santa, but unfortunately PNG is not the place you really want to wear a Santa suit. I am pretty excited about it, though. Don't worry. I will take pictures. LOTS of pictures.

Ok, well that is all for now. I will leave you with this picture of a baby...in a purse...hanging in a tree. Don't worry. This is normal.


  1. Good Job Jessi! Man, you PNG people seem to just fly thru NCLA, its so awesome how fast Pidgin is! I with Indonesian were that quick!

  2. Yeah, sometimes we look at all our friends' pics in Indo and get really jealous, but we have this ONE thing going for us here! Ha ha!