Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Three Months

After our whirlwind trip to Australia to find out that I had autoimmune pancreatitis, we returned to Hewa with cautious optimism. I have to admit that we were reluctant to post or write about any plans because it seemed like as soon as we did those things our plans would change dramatically.

But we went back into the tribe...and actually stayed there for three months like we planned and then recently came out again for me to have my routine blood work. All those labs came back fine, except my pancreas is still acting a little funny. Not enough to cause alarm or another trip out of the country, but it's just like my pancreas got tired of being ignored my whole life and just can't let go of what little attention we gave it last Spring.

It's just waving its little hand to say, "Hi, I'm still here. Don't forget about me."

Over the last three months my husband made some videos of our time in the tribe, and I thought I would post them here (because who reads blogs anymore??)

Here are the links for you to enjoy!

My husband teaching 1 Thessalonians:


A walk to "church":

Checking on a sick child:
Random fun stuff:

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  1. I DO! I love reading your blog!! But I will watch the videos too. :)