Saturday, October 17, 2015

Random Thoughts

Since I have no internet and cannot post my every random thought that I feel like sharing with the world, I thought I would do it here. I have tried to "post by email" through facebook and twitter, but it has never worked. Our email out here is set up in a weird way (too confusing and boring to explain), so I can't set up those things while we are in town and have real internet. So, I'll just do it here.

Here are my random thoughts and the dates I had them:

9/30- We're back in the tribe! Listening to my friends tell me how all our guinea pigs, some of our chickens, and one of our cats died while we were gone. This is a typical "coming back" conversation.

9/30- It's been 30 minutes of listening to village news. I have seven more minutes before my freezer goods become a melted pile of bacteria and wasted money.

10/4- Listening to a Sunday sermon on not eating food sacrificed to idols or spirits. In the literal sense. That's a first.

10/5- My husband just ran off to try to stop a fight over a bride price. Freaked out a little. Will he come home with an arrow in his leg? #missionaryproblems

10/5- No bows and arrows, just rocks and sticks. Fight is over for now. Husband is exhausted but safe. Thank you Jesus!

10/5- The fight in the village today over pigs given in a bride price makes me question how many pigs I would be worth?

10/5- Probably not very many. I am not that great at gardening/cooking/raising pigs.

10/6- I made homemade mayonnaise today and now I feel like I can accomplish anything. Also, this should make me worth at least two more pigs.

10/9- The drought here is getting really bad. I keep hearing this phrase over and over, "My garden is dry. What will I eat?" #worried

10/16- Mia is throwing up. Vomit laundry in the jungle is THE WORST.

10/17- Up all night with a sick kid. The church horn blows at 6 am. #notgoing #badmissionary

10/17- Mia hasn't thrown up since early this morning. Going to bed. Might actually sleep tonight! PTL

10/17- My husband just woke me up to tell me there is a snake in the house, and he needs to me watch the other side of the wall to make sure it doesn't slither in here. Instead, I'm trying to figure out how to purchase international plane tickets at 11:00 at night over a satellite phone.

10/17- The snake is dead. He said it was small and not poisonous. I guess I will stop looking for the gasoline and matches.

10/17- My husband says that even if it were big and/or poisonous, he wouldn't let me burn the house down. #wordsthatleadtodivorce

10/17- Snake is gone. Kids are settled back in bed. Seriously, I WILL sleep tonight.

10/18 (a little after midnight)- Mia threw up in her bed. Another sleepless night and more vomit laundry.

10/18 (a little after midnight)- My husband said he would stay up with Mia tonight, so I could sleep. #wordsthatleadtophysicalaffection #butnottonight

10/18- There is a big village discussion going on about who Lona will marry. It is between two guys...the one with the most pigs will win. Her opinion counts the least.

10/18- Keti cut off a finger in order to marry the man she wanted. I wonder if Lona prefers either of these guys enough to go that far?


  1. I so hope I get to meet you someday. My husband said that we could even drive to Louisiana to meet you if you were ever available. :o)