Tuesday, June 16, 2015


It has been almost a month since Mifila was murdered and still no sign of the police. We heard that the airstrip in the village where she was killed was closed, so that may holding them up.

So we are just waiting. Waiting for justice for these women and children marked with the invisible "P" (P- for "pisai" the Hewa word for witch). Though invisible, it is a no less damning letter than one sewn in scarlett on a person's chest. It is sewn into the minds of everyone around them. There is no need for these women to be anywhere in sight for them the be associated with that letter…that word. They have been marked, and no one will ever forget it.

The good thing that has come from all this, however, is that there is now a mass exodus planned for many women and children who are currently marked as witches. There have been plenty of times before when they have come to us asking about leaving, then decide the threats against them are not real, and forget about it. Now, Mifila's death has them all scared, so many who were not ready before to take the giant step of leaving their homes, families, gardens, and even language to go somewhere new where they will be safe are now begging to go. 

I am not even sure what the number is up to now, but there are two flights scheduled to take those who are ready to a new village. This is the same village where we have sent the previous two families of accused witches. The families have done really well there, and we are so thankful for this group of tribal believers who feel God has called them to help these innocent women and children. 

The flights are scheduled for early July, so we are asking for prayer for these families. Please pray that they do not go back on their decision to leave. Please pray that they come up with the necessary funds to pay for the flights (we contribute to the flight costs, but cannot pay fully for the flights or that would create a huge cultural problem for us in the future).  Please also pray for the their transition into a new village, new language, and new culture. And please pray for their safety unit it is time for them to leave. If someone were to get sick and die before then, they could very easily be attacked and killed before they have a chance to make their escape. 

And as always, please continue to pray that God will change the minds and hearts of the people who make these horrible accusations and who carry out these brutal attacks. 

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