Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A friend asked me to write an article for a digital discipleship magazine. I went to the site and realized two things...

1) It was pretty hard-core must read kinda stuff that makes you think.

2) I was the only female contributor.

So, I quickly realized that its readers probably didn't want to hear my theories on first graders carrying shivs or how I only recently stopped hoarding tampons out of habit.

I had been working on a little (ok long) piece about racism in my home culture (the deep south) and the Christian church, so I tossed it out there and they edited a bit to make me sound like a much better writer than I actually am and published it.

Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal...not really...I just wanted to say that. 

 I really was just thinking about all these things as we came home and I realized that my kids no longer have a lot of interaction with people of a different race. I was concerned that the multitude of benefits that they have gained from traveling the world and spending time with people from many different cultures and races would be lost in these nine short months. I then realized this wasn't the case just in our extracurricular activities but that EVERYTHING they watch on TV mostly has white people in it (except of course for Doc McStuffins). I tried to incorporated media from other races and realized...there wasn't a lot to choose from! WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!

And the most disturbing thing of all was that in all the different churches we have been in there has been minimal representation from any race other than caucasian.

So I wrote this...


Just some thoughts. From a white girl. That is all.

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  1. That was a very interesting article. I have to be honest, though...my biggest thoughts were not "you are so right!" and "preach it, sister!" but more along the slightly bewildered lines of, "Wait...what? There are churches that do that? What....?"

    Maybe I am naive, or simply what I like to call happily unaware. I live in a pretty white part of Texas. (Well, more white and Mexican - less black.) Our church is mostly white with some Hispanic people - just a few black people. My daughter's private Christian school (where I work) is mostly white with some Hispanic people - and 1 black family. My husband's work is mostly white with some Hispanic, and I don't think ANY black people. And yet, I have never noticed what your article talked about. Now I'm not sure if it's me or what...!