Saturday, April 5, 2014

American Dream(s)

We are now about six weeks away from returning to America for our nine month furlough. I haven't really been thinking much about it because I have been so overwhelmed with all I have to do here to get ready…finish homeschool with Lucy and Mattie, pack up my house so that the spiders do not wrap everything we own in their webs while we are gone, and the most nerve wracking things of all - have a language test. Yep. I am stressed.

While I am not actively thinking about America and the plethora of good things that lie in wait for me there, subconsciously I must be getting very excited about certain things that I have not experienced in three years, because I keep having dreams that I am in America. You'd think they would be dreams about fun or fancy things that one can only find in the land of abundance, but no, they are mostly dreams about me standing in different grocery store aisles getting excited about buying random food. So far the list of things I am happily looking at in these dreams are:

1. String cheese
2. Whales crackers (the cheap-o, knock off version of Goldfish. Seriously? I am not even dreaming about name brands here?)
3. The entire cereal aisle
4. Dr. Pepper
5. Milk
6. Grapes

I have even had dreams about standing in the candy aisle at a gas station excited over what kind of candy bar I will pick. How pathetic is that? I have dreams about American gas stations?!?! That just goes to show you that the products available in a simple American convince store are still better than the largest supermarket I have been in here in PNG. 

I did have one dream about going to the movies with my husband. But that dream ended with us just staring at all the movies available on the marquee and getting really excited. I didn't even go in the theatre in my dream. That's messed up. 

So there you go. That's what this missionary is dreaming about from home. I think I have already established the fact that I am weird in this blog, so this really shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you. 

Thanks for understanding,

The Tribal Weirdo

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