Sunday, June 30, 2013

A chicken, A Cockatoo, and an Airstrip

Who do you think would win in a fight between a chicken and a cockatoo? If you answered, "the cockatoo" you would be wrong. The correct answer is chicken. I know, I have seen it myself.

And in other unbelievable but true news, we are almost finished with our airstrip! It is crazy and miraculous and still needs to be bathed in lots of prayer, but so far we only have about 140 meters to go in our 600 meter airstrip. We think it will be complete by August or September at the latest.

It will be so amazing to see a plane land in this place! Although, it will be a little bittersweet as we have gotten very attached to our helicopter pilots and will miss having them come stay with us. We are hoping they will come with their families just for fun in the future instead of having to leave their wives and kids to come shuttle our junk around for a week.

We are praising the Lord for his provision for this project financially and for the tractor that was such a huge blessing from our friends at FIA. We are also praising Him that He keeps said tractor running during this difficult project.

This airstrip will not only relieve us of the financial burden of the helicopter, but will also give our Hewa friends access to supplies and medical care. Right now they have to make a 10 hour hike to the nearest village with an airstrip if they want to get to a hospital or if they want to get simple things like rice or soap. In fact, many Hewans from villages all over the Central Mountain Range are calling our village the "Haus SIk" or hospital. This puts us in a precarious position because if someone from outside this village dies in here, one of our ladies could be blamed for working sorcery on them and be killed as a witch. It will be a relief to have a road out for those who are seriously ill or injured.

So keep praying people! We feel your prayers and see evidence of them every single day. That reminds me, thank you so much for praying about my kids' school books. They made it in here last week, so we are all ready to start school on August 1st. (Although, I may start sooner if my oldest tells me she is bored one more time.)
Homeschooling might be giving me too much power.

Anyway, that is all for now. Just remember if anyone ever calls you a chicken, it is at least better than being called a cockatoo.

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  1. Hi Jessie! I am SO GLAD to hear about what the Lord is doing there, and I am thrilled that your airstrip is coming along! Josh and I just got home from PFO in Sanford, and everyday we participated in "Hold the Ropes" where we prayed over the field of PNG. During that time, with another couple going to PNG, we came across your prayer letter and you were prayed over. Just wanted to let you know that we were praying for you, and thrilled over news from the field. You are being lifted up!