Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Fate Of The Chicken

I really had no idea how many people would become so concerned about my beloved little house chicken, Buckbeak. I mean I knew she was awesome, but I just wasn't sure I was conveying her awesomeness properly through the written word. Turns out...I was.

So many people have asked me about her fate that I decided to update all of you to let you know that, yes, she is still ALIVE!

She is still alive and still comes into my house every morning to eat moths and rain bugs that invaded the night before.

And more good news is that one of "my" (Susan gave it to me, but it refused to leave her coup before we left) other chickens had two baby chicks when we came back, and they now all stay around my house and sleep in my coup. The girls have christened them "Stars" and "Coco". I will post pictures the next time we come out (probably about six months). I am pretty sure mom will go back to sleeping in Susan's coup when she weans her babies, but those two babies will sleep in my coup forever! Now...
I am just praying that neither of them are roosters.

Anyway, there you have it. My chicken is alive and I now have two bonus chickens as well. It was a very happy homecoming! And thanks so much for caring about my feathered friend. I will tell her she has fans.

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