Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Highlights Part 1

3N1 came back with so many pictures and stories that I am having a hard time deciding which ones to use and tell you about here. So I will do this in two parts to make sure I get it all in. This one will be mostly pictures and their explanations. Here goes...

Remember the purpose of the trip was to cut down trees and then cut them into lumber for the building of our house. Here are the guys that went in to help us, doing just that.

This tree fell down the side of a mountain. The guys had a hard time trying to work with it on a slant. Notice the locals had no such trouble.

Just getting to the trees (that are usable for house building) everyday was quite a chore.

This is the Hewa line of swimwear. This has nothing to do with the slabbing, sorry, just thought it was cute.

My coworker, Susan, prepared meals for the village guys who helped. She also cooked for the missionaries who came in to help too. I owe her my life now.

This is where my house is going. It is only partially cleared. 3N1 cleared the rest...

And now it looks like this! Yay! The sticks mark out the area for the house. It looks tiny to us, but the people said it looked huge.

Seriously, these guys were amazing! I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they did, so that we could have a place to call home in the jungle!

They got a little dirty in the process.

These guys are also key in EVERYTHING we do. One is the airplane pilot, and one is the helicopter pilot. It takes both to get us into the tribe. That is what working with one of the most remote people groups in the world is all about!

By the end of the trip, 3N1's three quarter thumb was healed enough for him to use the saws! Thank you Jesus!

This is our septic hole. It is a lot of work digging through all those rocks! A guy and his sons from a neighboring village came in to help John Michael. He told John Michael that he knew that he was eventually going to help bring God's talk to his village too, so he wanted to come help.

And finally this is the reason for all the time, money, and hard work put into this trip. The fellowship and teaching of the believers! Also know as church.

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  1. Lots and lots of work done, and a bit to go. I mentioned the size of your house at Monday night supper last night. Glynn said "as long as you don't have to have everything in a cabinet so you can impress Martha Stewart it can probably be okay but a bit tight." Americans are not accustomed to living in small spaces. Prayers that you will experience God's kind of space until you get used to it.