Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tribal Babies

The most common question I get asked when people find out what we are doing is, "What about your kids? Aren't you worried about them?" And the answer is, "No, I am this new breed of Supermom that always has it all together and never ever worries about her kids." BAH HA HA!! Look at this picture. Is this the epitome of paranoid or what? Actually, she put all this on herself just to get in her baby pool! She is the paranoid one- not me! Yeah, right! You should have seen me the other day when a herd of geese got a little too close to my kids when we were attempting to feed them bread. After I had a tiny heart attack, I realized that it was quite comical. Anyway, so yeah, I worry a little. I worry about their health, and safety, their ability to one day join normal society, their education of which I will be largely responsible for (now you are all worried about that, huh?) Yeah, I worry about them. I know, though, that they are in the Lord's hands and I cannot protect them from every hurt and sorrow (Why,God? That would be so much easier on my heart and my blood pressure).

In all reality, it is selfish for me to want to protect them like that, because it hurts me to see them hurt. We all grow and mature through trials an hardships, so I know they will have to go through difficult things sometimes- I just pray that it is something that will not kill me in the process. Anyway, the thing I worry about the most is that they just won't like it. That they will be scared or bored or completely illiterate from being home schooled. I grew up reading missionary stories and was always really jealous of missionary kids. Their lives seemed so adventurous and cool. Plus, they always had the best stories. I really pray that my kids love their life in the tribe. As they grow, I have caught a few glimpses that give me hope. They seem to be adventurous little boogers! It may take them a little to get used to something new, but once they do, they are all in! Here are a few pictures of them at a friend of my mom's who invited us over to play on their huge inflatable slide.

(Sorry about the blur, this is before I figured out the "sport" setting on my camera would be best for water slide action, also, it is to encourage my husband to buy me a digital slr)

This is Mae climbing the wall better than she can walk a straight line.
And remember the baby in the excessive amount of flotation devices? This was her 2 days ago in my mom's lake...with no flotation devices...even putting her head under the water. After a tiny heart attack, I was very proud of her!

(I have no idea what setting this is on...again the need for a "real" camera)

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  1. Great post Jessi :) She looks so brave in that water. God has been teaching me this too. We cannot protect ourselves from circumstances that He ordains and that God is using them to grow us closer to Him.