What I Do

I do basically what ever other mom in the world does...I cook...I clean...I pick up messes I didn't make. But I do it all on an island in the South Pacific in the middle of the rain forest.

My family and I moved to Papua New Guinea in May of 2011. We are part of a mission organization that seeks out isolated people groups with little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of these groups speak unwritten languages and therefore have no scripture translated into their mother tongue.


Our job is to:

1. Learn the language

2. Create a written form of the language

3. Teach the people to read and write their own language

4. Translate the Bible into their language

5. Teach through the Bible chronologically in their language

As you can probably tell, we believe that hearing God's message of redemption in the mother tongue is essential to understanding. I got to hear God's message to me in English and get my choice of translations to read in English daily. I can't imagine having to learn another language just so I can read the Word of God... so, I am learning another language so someone else can read the Word of God. 

That is all.

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