About Me

I am about being a wife and a mom and a missionary.

I am about tribal people.

I am about Bible translation and teaching.

I am about learning other languages...but learning those languages so I can hang out with people...not just so I can look smarter and cooler. However, if I do look smarter and cooler in the process then that is an added bonus.  

I am about cooking from scratch even though I don't really want to be. 

I am about homeschooling even though I don't really want to be.

I am about Barbies, princesses, fairies, mermaids, flowers, pink and purple, and all that comes with having 3 little girls.

I am all about air conditioning when I get a chance to experience it.

I am about relationships.

I am about people who are different than me. Because I am not that cool or interesting. 

I am about love.

Because I am about Jesus,

And He is all about love